UFC 195 as it happened:

A collection of a few choice tweets from my coverage of the fights:

Tanaka vs Soto:

tweet #10


Duffy – Poirier

tweet #9

Kish – Ansaroff

kish ansaroff

Noke – Morono

tweet #6

McDonald – Kanehara


Ortega – Brandao

tweet #5

Larkin – Tumenov 

tweet #2

Miocic – Arlovski

tweet #3

Lawler – Condit

tweet #1last tweet.png

11 thoughts on “UFC 195 as it happened:

      1. I agree. I had Condit winning, but I can see how you can give it to Lawler. Joe Rogan is right. Need a new system. On a 10-9 system Lawler wins, but his analogy was how a guy can get a 10-9 even though the score might be 24-7 in strikes for the other guys, referencing other sports scoring systems. Let’s just say I’m glad I’m no judge, but what a hell of a fight.


      2. Fantastic fight – and if it wasn’t for all the huge fights booked already in 2016 I would say UFC are going to struggle to replicate it.

        I have a lot of respect for the argument but personally I love the controversial decisions. The whole fight was a roller coaster and just when you thought it was over there’s one last giant twist. Although I agree the system does have flaws, I also think that the judging has been pretty good this year up before this card – and I think the NSAC has something to do with it. Nevada has been a hotbed for poor decisions throughout the UFC unfortunately.

        Maybe you could write an article on a preferable scoring system? I’d be interested to see your thoughts.

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      3. I am certainly going to attempt to make a scoring system up and share it soon. You know, I give judges a lot of grief over close decisions. Truth is, I wouldn’t be able to do any better. I am not upset anymore as I was originally, just sad for Carlos Condit. Someone has to win and unfortunately he fell short on the scorecards, but in my opinion, it’s not like there was a huge discrepancy where someone should appeal the decision à la Sanchez Pearson like you had said. Lawler deserved to win and Condit deserved to win. Carlos threatening to retire is him trying to snag a rematch, but clearly a top 2 welterweight in the world. I doubt he retires, too much of a gamer like Lawler. While I’d love to see a rematch, rematches hold up the divisions. Give me Rory vs Condit II, while someone else gets a crack. What do you think?


      4. I look forward to it.

        Yep that’s my thinking exactly. Division is full of killers and rectifying a questionable decision with an immediate rematch is unfair on the 3 or 4 others who deserve a shot – two wrongs don’t make a right in my view.

        It’s a real shame for Condit and I share the view that he’s unlikely to retire, but even if he does it’s the perfect end to a long and successful career. He’s cemented his place in the history books with that fight.

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      5. I agree. If he is going to go out, after that one is not a bad way to hang up the gloves. However, Carlos Condit was the first fighter I ever met. I asked him what it’s like to be a fighter and he was so passionate explaining what it meant that I could never see this guy wanting to stop. I mean he doesn’t look like he is slowing down one bit and a loss like that has to linger on his mind. Only way he can curb it is to fight. Whatever happens, cheers to a brilliant start to 2016.

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